4 Step Process

DSCI2355#1   Order the food:

The Central California Food Bank provides agencies like ours with a list of food items we can purchase. Food available includes, but is not limited to: pasta, rice, beans, produce, dairy products, canned foods, various snacks, bread, cereal and much more. We decide how much and of what items we want to order, and then place our order for pick-up or delivery within three business days.

#2   Receive the food:DSCI2357

All food orders are scheduled to be delivered or picked up within 3 days from the Central California Food Bank. It is received at the Bulldog Pantry in the afternoon. Perishable items are refrigerated and non-perishables are stored on shelves.

#3   Set Up  the food: DSCI2923

On the Friday before our distribution, typically in the afternoon, students set up for the distribution. They are responsible for stocking the tables, diving food in to family size portions, and completing last minute prep work for the distribution the following day.

78155443_10157844376325406_4593911734359556096_o#4   Distribute the food:

Food is distributed on designated Saturdays from 9:00 a.m- 10:30 a.m at the Bulldog Pantry at 2311 E Shaw Ave. Our volunteers help us distribute the food to students and families for the neighborhood surrounding Fresno State. Food distributions are scheduled throughout the fall and spring semester.

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