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Thinking of Volunteering?

You may want to listen to what some recent volunteers have to say about the experience and why they volunteer. Several recent volunteers have short videos posted on our YouTube channel or on our other social media platforms. If you have volunteered with us and would like a video to share your experience, just let […]

Spring 2021 Schedule

We are happy to announce our spring pantry schedule. On these days you will come inside our pantry to select your foods. Please share this information with anyone who needs it. If you are interested in helping us with sponsoring a distribution, a food drive, or dropping off a donation, please contact us by email […]

A Big Thank You

As we start 2021 the Bulldog Pantry would like to thank those who have donated during the fall semester. We greatly appreciate all of their help to keep feeding of neighbors in need See the list below for the donors. #bulldogpantrypartners #bulldogpantrydonors

Neighborhood Market

We will be holding our semiannual Neighborhood Market food distribution on Saturday December 5th from 9am – 11am at 2311 E. Shaw. Most of the food being handed out will be fresh produce. Bring a wagon or something to carry your food home in because you will get lots of food.

Free Food Boxes Continue

We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing to offer free food boxes each Saturday in November and Saturday December the 12th. These boxes will contain an assortment of produce, meat and dairy products.

New Upcoming Events

We have three new and upcoming events for November and December. A drive through donation event on Nov. 10th, an online fundraiser and a virtual walk are all coming soon. Each is listed with more information under the events tab. Click here for more about each of them.

Toy for Tots

We will be taking sign ups for Toys for Tots at all of our October food distributions. We will be distributing food each Saturday in October up to and including November 14th. All distributions start at 9 am. You will need to bring id to be able to register your children and this program is […]


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